6 5.0 Assessment and Examination

5.0 Assessment and Examination


Assessment in the course is based on two components — TMAs and a final examination.

The TMAs can be submitted in a variety of modes. For instance, assignment questions can be answered at home and submitted before the due date. The Computer-marked Assignment (CMA) is done via WawasanLearn (where applicable). All the assessment modes fit into two TMAs for computational and grading purposes. The final examination will be conducted at the designated examination centre after the one-week study break.

With your student ID and password, you should be able to download the two TMAs from the University’s Learning Management System — i.e., WawasanLearn. If you encounter any difficulty, please contact your Regional Office (RO) for assistance.



The final examination contributes 50% of the total course marks. The examination of three hours’ duration consists of structured questions and essay questions. The overall assessment will be constituted as follows:

Types Weightage
TMA 1 20%
TMA 2 30%
Final examination 50%
Total course marks 100%


Examination policy

You are required to attend all scheduled examinations that make up a final grade at the appointed time and place.

Students who are experiencing illness or a personal crisis and are unable to sit for any examination have to state [in writing] to the Registrar the reasons for their absence. Each submission must be supported by valid documents within seven (7) days from the date of the examination and will be considered by the University on its merits and on a case-by-case basis.

If you miss a scheduled examination without approval, you will be awarded zero marks for the examination.

Passing marks

To pass a course, you need to pass both components. You have to achieve at least 40% in the continuous assessment component as well as in the final examination component. Your performance in these two components will determine your total score for the course. For LAN courses, you would need to achieve at least a 50% total score to pass.

Course grade table

Marks ≥ 75 60 – 74 50 – 59 46 – 49 40 – 45 ≤39
Grades A B C C− D F


Specimen examination questions

For samples of specimen examination questions, please download them from WawasanLearn (https://lms.wou.edu.my).


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