110 Course Summary

In Unit 1, you are introduced to the overview of Procurement Management, the future trends of procurement and the relationships between Procurement and other functional areas in an organisation.

In Unit 2, you learn the procurement structures, processes and technologies. The various procurement designs and processes are explained in this unit. The units also explain the technology intervention in procurement process and its challenges.

As you moved to Unit 3, you are able to identify the specifications and strategies used in Procurement functions. In addition, you learned the importance of understanding the overall supply market and assessing risk and opportunities to select the best supply markets.

In Unit 4, you concentrated on the contract administration and logistic management in procurement perspective.

Finally, in Unit 5, you looked at Procurement’s role and responsibility in capital equipment, service procurement and outsourcing.

After completing this course, we should proceed to the second part of this course under the course name of BLC 307/05 Inventory Management.


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