5 4.0 Tutorials — Optimising Tutorial Sessions

4.0 Tutorials — Optimising Tutorial Sessions

To assist you in this course, the appointed tutor will conduct five tutorials. Each tutorial is two hours long and is held during weekends. Tutorials are face-to-face sessions that enable you to exchange ideas and experiences and also initiate contact with others. This will benefit you.

Note: These sessions complement distance learning materials and are not intended to replace them in the form of lectures. In this course, the primary means of learning is through WOU course materials, textbooks and online references.

Preparing for tutorials

In order to benefit fully from a tutorial, complete the readings and various activities for the topics you learn. You are also advised to prepare the answers to the assigned case studies so that you can participate meaningfully in the tutorial discussions. Time has been allocated in the study schedule for this.


The appointed tutors will:

•  Conduct tutorials.

•  Assess students’ TMA answer scripts.

•  Be available at designated times for online consultation and by telephone (if necessary) with students.

Tutors are your first point of contact with WOU. If you need any information or have any problems, please speak to the tutors before contacting the Course Coordinator.

Study schedule

Self-study Tutorials TMAs Library
WawasanLearn Total hours
2 0 0 0 0 0 2
Unit 1 18 2 6 1 1 10 38
Unit 2 20 2 6 1 1 10 40
Unit 3 20 2 10 1 1 10 44
Unit 4 20 2 8 1 1 10 42
Unit 5 20 2 0 1 1 10 34
Total hours 100 10 30 5 5 50 200


TMA policy

The assignment policy of the University as stated in the Student Handbook should be observed. You are required to submit the TMAs for a course in accordance with the deadlines published in WawasanLearn. Please submit your TMAs early.

Online submission

Please attach the right file for online TMA submission. In the event where you have submitted the wrong TMA, you may apply for TMA resubmission from the OAS system. Note that your application to resubmit your TMAs is subject to your Course Coordinator’s approval. To submit your TMAs online and for further details, you have to log onto https://assignment.wou.edu.my.

Submission extension application

You may apply via the Online Assignment Submission (OAS) system for a submission extension on the grounds of illness, accident, disability, bereavement or other compassionate circumstances. Applications for extensions of up to seven days should be applied through the OAS system to the tutor who will consider valid and unexpected emergencies on an individual basis. The tutor will also decide and advise you of the revised date for submission. Applications for extension should be lodged before or on the due date. To submit your extension application and for further details, you have to log on to: https://assignment.wou.edu.my/onlineExtension.asp.


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